Contributions are highly encouraged, and can be as small or big as you like. Don’t worry if you think your code is incomplete or not “pretty” enough—an incomplete driver is more useful than no driver at all, and we can help you improve your code and integrate it within the framework of Instrumental.

Feedback is also much appreciated. Suspected bugs should be submitted as GitHub issues, and you can use the mailing list to get troubleshooting help, provide general feedback, or discuss feature requests and development.

Submitting a New Driver

If you’re considering submitting a driver—thank you! We suggest that you submit it on GitHub via a Pull Request[1] that contains only changes that relate to this driver. Sometimes we may ask you to make a few minor changes before the driver is merged in. After merging, we’ll create an issue on GitHub to discuss any additional changes that should be made before the driver is included in a release of Instrumental. This way we get code merged in quickly, while also ensuring high-quality releases.

You should check out Writing Drivers for more info related to driver development. There’s also the Developer’s Guide if you’re the kind of person who enjoys reading about guidelines, coding conventions, and project philosophies.

[1]You can ask for help if you’re unfamiliar with git/GitHub and aren’t sure how to make a Pull Request.